From a young age, Jacob Getz was captivated by the interplay of light and form, igniting a lifelong passion for photography that seamlessly merges technical skill with artistic vision. His journey began at the University of Florida, where he studied under the mentorship of the world-renowned fine art photographer Jerry Uelsmann. After graduating, Jacob moved to New York City, where he honed his craft alongside esteemed photographers such as Francesco Scavullo, Hashi, Rebecca Blake, and Barbara Bordnick.

Jacob’s unique approach to photography challenges conventional boundaries, as he explores various forms of imagery to provoke thought and emotion in his audience. His style, inspired by the many facets of life, captures the essence of the human experience and intimate moments that reflect the fleeting nature of time. His work reveals the fragility and beauty of a world where people and objects evoke a vast spectrum of emotions.

With expertise spanning commercial, fine art, and video domains, Jacob excels as a still life, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty photographer. He is celebrated for his innovative lighting techniques, creative vision, and technical prowess, constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary photographic and video methods. His diverse skill set has cemented his reputation as a premier photographer, particularly noted for his photomatic work.

In addition to his impressive portfolio, Jacob has developed a unique optical system that produces painterly effects with light and imagery. This distinctive approach is evident in his fine art pieces, commercial photography, and video projects. His relentless pursuit of visual innovation keeps audiences eagerly anticipating his next creation.


EMAIL: jacob@getzphoto.com